Saturday, June 18, 2011

JAQK Cellars Deck

JAQK Deck, Signature Playing Cards designed by JAQK Cellars. Reprinted by "Theory 11" The tuck case has embossed scrolls, The cards have metallic inks and stunning art work. the cards handle like a dream and were printed on the finest stock to ensure durability, fanning capability, and snap. JAQK playing cards are a collector's item that will draw compliments every time the cards are cut. So Jaqk cellars is a "winery" in California There slogan is "play a little" so they thought it would be cool to promote there wine with things like "playing cards" and "poker chips" etc... Well I have not yet tasted there wine but I can tell you they made a very cool deck of playing cards to go along with it. So cool that when the crew at "Theory 11" saw it they worked out a deal with "Jaqk cellars" to reprint the deck! Reprint the deck they did and they sold out of them in about 1 week! I suggest getting your hands on some of the "Jaqk" decks quick because soon I think they will become a collector items much like the "Absolute Vodka Deck" A good place to start your search is at my store where you will find the "Jaqk Cellars" decks by "Theory 11" the "Original 1st edition Jaqk Cellars" decks, as well as hundreds of other decks of playing cards for collectors, magicians, wine lovers and fans of the "Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins" Go Bruins!!!
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Angel Back Squeezers

Angel Back "Squeezers" 2 Deck Set, Limited. These decks have been reprinted in a limited run. The cards are printed on "bicycle stock" Each deck is factory new and sealed each deck has 2 jokers, a "history card" and a blank face card. Well I must say I have been collecting cards and selling them for a long time and certainly I am fimilar with the "Bulldog" Squeezer decks and they are a fine deck, but now there has been a "limited" Reprint run of the "Angel Back" Squeezers decks and I am very inpressed! the back design is a breath of fresh air from what seems like 12 new "Bicycle" decks coming out every month. They come in "red" and "Blue" back They are a nice quality card. The finish seems to be the same very similar to an "air cushion" they perform and handle very well. As a performer I would not hesitate to perform with them at all. They have a low"price point" so they are great for performing and collecting. To find the "Angel Back Squeezers" decks please visit my store @ where you will find them as well as hundreds of other decks of playing cards for performers, collector, angels, bulldogs and everyone in between. Check out my video review of these decks.

Transducer Lava Bicycle Playing Cards

Transducer Deck (Lava Edition) Bicycle Playing Cards. Transducer Deck, Lava Edition Bicycle Playing Cards. This deck was designed by 3K studio Japan and printed by the USPCC. The deck has an “Air Cushion” finish, 2 Jokers a signature red “Ace of spades” and 1 Monochrome “Transducer” 3D artwork card. Well that is all the promo info that "3K Studio" gives, Well here is the real information about this deck and considering I am in the business of selling "playing cards" what I have to say about this deck is the truth, certainly not good for "business" but it is the truth and in the long run the "truth" is much better for business then some "bullshit" promo so here goes, I don't remember any deck of cards being such a disappointment to open in my life. There has been so much "hype" about the "Transducer Decks" being from "Japan" and they are hard to get and costly. Well the box is very cool but once you open it here comes the disappointment! "The back design of the cards is only "one" color but on the box it is "three" There other then the "one color" back design there is nothing special about this deck the is no artwork on the cards, not on the "Jokers" not the "Ace of spades" nothing! it is a "standard Bicycle deck" They give you a "3K Studio's" ad card and a "Red" "Ace of Spades" It looks to me that the "Crew" at "3K Studio" put all there work into the box design and stopped there hoping that everyone would love the "box" design and never open it I guess? If you are a "collector" like I am, Its worth picking one up for your collection because sitting on the self it will look cool. But to the "Crew" at "3K studio's" I say BOOOOOOOO! It is my option that you were just looking to make a quick buck so you put a "shit" deck in a attractive "box" obviously much more concerned with lining your "pockets" then with the "playing card or magic" community. This is the "first" and "last' time I will carry your products! If you want to find the "Transducer Lava Edition" deck please visit my store were you will also find hundreds of quality decks of playing cards made by people that care for people who care!
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Erdnase Black Limited Edition 2 Deck Set

Black Erdnase Limited Edition Bee Deck Set. These Limited Edition Black Erdnase Bee Decks are printed on exclusive “Bee” Casino 825 paper and made with a special coating to ensure the best handling. They were cut the same way that the “gold seal Bicycle decks” by Richard Turner were cut, so they have “faro” and “shuffle” very well. The decks have a “Black smith back” name in honor of Marshall D. Smith the Illustrator of The Expert at the Card Table. The back design is actually made up of tiny reproductions of the hands in the illustrations of the book. The faces and art work of the decks are the original faces and style that were used by the USPCC in 1902. This design has a somewhat larger pip with smaller index. Each deck comes with 2 jokers and a “Ask Alexander “ card that has a web address for Ask Alexander which is a magic database that is part of You must be a paid member of the site to access this data base. The decks do not have white borders.

The 2 decks in this set have identical boxes and cards, the only difference is that 1 deck has a “smooth finish” and 1 deck has a “Cambric Finish” I love these decks they are a very cool collector's item and they are fantastic for performing. The cards are "thick" and have a great "snap to them. I personally prefer the "smooth" finish to perform with this smooth finish deck reminds me a lot of the "Aladdin" decks one of my all time faviorte. The Cambric finish deck well that is the same finish that is on the "Brown Wynn" Decks that "Theory 11" put out and those are one of the most popular decks ever so I guess you can't go wrong. I do wish the box design was made to look like a mini "expert at the card table book" as in the green decks, a "black version" would look like a little bible. Also the fact that there is no way to tell the 2 decks apart without opening them, That sucks! Please note: I know the difference in the decks because the shipping boxes they arrived in were marked I have opened decks from each to verify this to be true, If you purchase these decks from me I will mark the smooth deck with a "post it" that will easily remove from the cellophane without causing any damage. These decks are a treasure and are sure to be sold out quickly So get yours today. You can find the "Erdnase Black Limited Edition decks" at my store as well as the other "Green Erdnase decks" and hundreds of other quality decks for collectors, performers, S.W Andrews and everyone in between.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sentinels Deck, Theory 11

Sentinels Deck, by Theory 11. Well here is the newest release in a long line of brilliant products produced by our friends at Theory 11. The Sentinels Deck. So here you go, The deck is just what you would expect form theory 11, dam cool and 1st class! The box is about as sexy as you can get and the "back design" is among my all time favorites! The quality is... well its theory 11, nuff said! The deck is great top perform with and handles very well. I must admit I am not in love with the face of the cards, the corner pips are very small and although I applaud the design work and originality its just does not get a "rise" out of me, the back design on the other hand "Swing" unbelievable! I love it! As far as for collector's well its not a "bicycle" deck, and that "brand" means a lot to many collectors, but if you are a hardcore "bicycle" fan and you don't pick up this deck just because it does not say "bicycle" you are a fool! This deck is just the current masterpiece from theory11 and I am sure there will be many more to come, great job guys as always I thank you for doing "good" for the playing card and the magic industry. To find the "Sentinels" as well as some "uncut sheets" of the "sentinels deck" please visit my store Check out my video review of the Sentinels deck below

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fantasy Deck, Anne Stokes, Limited Edition

The "Fantasy" Deck is a Deck of Bicycle Playing Cards that features the world acclaimed Fantasy artwork of artist "Anne Stokes" The United States Playing Card Company produced this deck as a "Limited test run" printing and at this time has not decided if they will or will not ever print this deck again. Each card in the deck has a different image. Ok so here we have a winner! A hot goth chick, dragons, skulls beautiful art work, and did I mention the hot goth chic! The full color on this deck combined with the "Fantasy art of Anne Stokes" This deck is a true collectors item and one of my favorites! I personally like the "art work" of this deck much more then the "Alchemy deck" If I could ever find a "uncut Sheet" of this deck, it would make a fantastic "coffin" liner for me when that day comes. To find the great new deck of "Fantasy Art of Anne Stokes " Bicycle playing cards. Please visit my store where you will find hundreds of decks of collectible playing cards for magicians, collectors, poker players, guys that like goth Chic's and everyone in between
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Alchemy Deck, Limited Edition

New Alchemy Deck, Bicycle Playing Cards, Limited Edition. The Alchemy Deck was inspired by iconic and retro Tattoo imagery. This deck was produced by the United States Playing Card Company and was printed as a "limited test run" At this time the usppc is undecided if they will or will not ever print this deck again. Every card in this deck has a different image on the face. So here is my thoughts, At first glance you will be taken back by the printing of this deck, The uspcc has come up with a way to take "full color" printing to the next level. The deck is a bit over the top, but it sure does have its place, The box is a perfect 10! This is what a "Skull" deck should look like. (Take note magic makers, a piss poor attempt even for you) The quality is OK, feels a bit thinner than a regular "bike" deck to me, but I am not sure how much the quality matters for this deck, I cant believe anyone is going to perform with this one. Overall my favorite thing about this deck is the way it looks sitting on the self, I don't care whats inside. This deck is a collectors sick wet dream! To find the "Alchemy" deck of bicycle playing cards as well as hundreds of other collectible decks of playing cards please visit my store
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