Monday, October 25, 2010

Angel Back Squeezers

Angel Back "Squeezers" 2 Deck Set, Limited. These decks have been reprinted in a limited run. The cards are printed on "bicycle stock" Each deck is factory new and sealed each deck has 2 jokers, a "history card" and a blank face card. Well I must say I have been collecting cards and selling them for a long time and certainly I am fimilar with the "Bulldog" Squeezer decks and they are a fine deck, but now there has been a "limited" Reprint run of the "Angel Back" Squeezers decks and I am very inpressed! the back design is a breath of fresh air from what seems like 12 new "Bicycle" decks coming out every month. They come in "red" and "Blue" back They are a nice quality card. The finish seems to be the same very similar to an "air cushion" they perform and handle very well. As a performer I would not hesitate to perform with them at all. They have a low"price point" so they are great for performing and collecting. To find the "Angel Back Squeezers" decks please visit my store @ where you will find them as well as hundreds of other decks of playing cards for performers, collector, angels, bulldogs and everyone in between. Check out my video review of these decks.

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