Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Black Scorpion Deck, Bicycle Playing Cards

Black Scorpion Deck, Bicycle Playing Cards. Here is the newest of the new, and in the playing card world if you archive that title its yours for a few weeks anyway. At first glance this deck appears to be a follow up to the "Black Tiger" Deck. I guess there are only a few problems with that The "Black Scorpion" deck was designed by "magic makers" and the "Black Tiger" by ellusionist. Such is the playing card business. Unless this is your first day on earth you should not be surprised that 2 different manufactures have created a similar deck. The good news is the "Black Scorpion" is also a nice deck of cards with fine quality. In my opinion the quality of the stock is not quite as nice as a "Tiger" or a "Ghost" deck, but close and and certainly as nice as all the other color decks "Magic Makers" has put out in the past, So if you love all those decks you will love this one too. The Yellow on Black color combination really does "pop" visually. The "Clubs" and "Spades" have yellow pips and the "Hearts" and "Diamonds" white pips. The court cards have a yellow, white and blue combination. Of course the "Ace of Spades" features the signature "Scorpion". A nice twist in this deck for performers, The deck comes with 52 standard cards and 4 extra gaff cards as well as instructions on ticks that can be performed with the gaff cards. Every little extra helps in my book. I was hoping for a double backer though, out of luck this time no double backer. But plenty of "tricked out" Scorpion stuff. So if you are a Performer you will want this deck. If you are a Collector hell you will want this just for the box alone. If you know anyone that has a Scorpion Tattoo and you can never find them the perfect gift, then its a lucky day for you both. To find the "Black Scorpion" deck as well as hundreds of other decks for performers, collector's people with tattoos or any outstanding member of society please visit www.the1eyedjack.com

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